School Closure Announcement - 23rd June 2020

Press Release from Carmarthenshire County Council

School term will finish on July 17

SCHOOLS in Carmarthenshire will finish for the summer holidays on Friday 17th July 2020.

Welsh Government had planned to extend the term for an extra week; however, it has failed to reach an agreement with the unions. Many staff are already unable to attend school for worthy medical reasons, and the additional voluntary week proposed could lead to staff shortages in some schools, and possibly some schools not opening at all.

This means school will re-open on Monday June 29 for a period of three weeks so that children have the opportunity to check in, catch up and prepare for the summer and September.

The council has been working closely with schools to put new arrangements in place for re-opening; with year groups being split into much smaller classes.

Schools are now working hard to accommodate all pupils over this reduced period.

Executive Board Member for Education and Children’s Services Cllr Glynog Davies said: “It is disappointing that schools will be open for just three weeks before the summer holidays.

“However, it is important that our children have the opportunity to attend school before the summer so that they can catch up with their friends and re-connect with their teachers.

“They will be able to share their experiences from the last 12 weeks and get used to the new school environment.

“Their teachers will also be able to support them with this new way of learning and prepare them for the new academic year in September.

“It has been a very challenging time, and I understand parent’s concerns, but together we can get through this and we can make our children’s return to school as normal and as positive an experience as possible.

“I would also like to thank school staff for all their hard work and support during this very difficult period.”