School Meals


Please note: From Monday 24th April 2017 the following price increase has been advised by the County School Meals Admin Unit.

The value of a Free School Meal and Junior Meals will increase

from £2.40 to £2.50.

Senior meal prices will increase

from £2.60 to £2.70.

The catering service provides very good lunches that are prepared and cooked on the premises.  Children are encouraged to take school lunches which can be liquidized if necessary.

Children can also bring a packed lunch to school and parents are asked to provide one that is as healthy as possible.

Cost of school lunches;

  • Primary – £2.40 (£2.50 from 24/4/17)
  • Secondary - £2.60 (£2.70 from 24/4/17)

As part of the Life Skills Programme pupils are involved in planning, shopping for and cooking their lunch one day per week, the cost is as above. Pupils who normally have a packed lunch on the other days should bring £2.50 on their cookery day; pupils who have a free school lunch will not have to pay.

Free School Meals are available for those parents that meet the qualifying criteria.  Please see the leaflet image below. If you would like to print this leaflet, click on this link. You can make an application on line at:

If you do not have access to on-line services personally (e.g. you're viewing this on a friend's computer etc), please contact the School and we will arrange for the application to be processed through school.

An example of the current Summer menu is in the link to the top left of this information. The menu will change every term and this area will be up-dated with the new menu as and when we receive it from the catering department.